Slides and Videos From Render 2017

Slides and Videos From Render 2017

At Render 2017, we had 19 fantastic talks by speakers from across the world. From coding art and CSS grid layout to accessibility and spreadsheets, you can find the slides and videos below.

Day 1

Jeremy KeithVideo

Ana BalicaHTTP: History and Performance | Video

Seren DaviesAccessibility is More than Just Supporting Screenreaders | Video

Ben IlegboduIsomorphic React sans Node?? | Video

Umar HansaVideo

Opher VishinaPackWars: Webpack vs Browserify vs SystemJS vs Require.js | Video

José M. PérezProgressive Image Rendering | Video

Jessica LordSpreadsheets, Forms and Forks | Video

Mathieu 'p01' HenriCoding Art | Video

Seb Lee-DelisleVideo

Day 2

Mina MarkhamVideo

Rachel AndrewStart Using CSS Grid Layouts Today | Video

Frances NgVideo

Peter GasstonGrowing Up, Getting Serious | Video

Sarah SemarkThe Unbearable Likeness of Web Design | Video

Rosie CampbellDemystifying Deep Neural Nets | Video

Jaume SanchezVideo

Patrick KettnerVideo

Sally JenkinsonWebsites are a Symptom, Not the Cause | Video

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