Web Performance - A Deep-Dive for Developers

Wednesday 29 March 2017

  • 09:00-17:00
  • The King's Centre, Oxford

We all hate slow websites yet all too often we open our browser, and sit waiting, watching, wondering if the site we want is ever going to load.

How quickly web pages load has a big impact on user experience but it's often neglected, leading to lower pageviews, conversion rates and revenue.

In this workshop we’ll examine why performance matters, different methods for measuring performance and perhaps most importantly of all how we can make sites faster.

By the end of the workshop you will have an in-depth understanding of how browsers load and display pages, which coupled with tools to identify performance issues, and techniques to optimise performance will enable you to improve the performance of your own sites.

What will I learn?

Why Performance Matters

As humans we're very sensitive to delay and the speed of our sites affects our visitors' behaviour - how long they stay on a site, how much they spend etc.
We'll examine how delays change behaviour, and the level of financial impact the good and poor performance can have on a site.

Measuring Performance

There are several ways of measuring page performance, from Browser feature, through synthetic tools such as Performance Analyser, and even analytics that measure the visitors' experience on their own devices as they use them.
We'll look at each approach, their strengths and weaknesses so you can understand how to use each appropriately.

Fundamentals of Web Performance

Networks, browsers and the way we build pages all have an impact on affect performance, but by using the right techniques we can still build fast sites.
In this section we'll examine how networks and browsers work, explain a range of optimisations for making pages faster and any tradeoffs they involve.

The Challenge of Images

The web is a visual medium and images are key part of it's richness, but they also make up over two-thirds of the size of a page and be huge downloads.
Choosing the right image format and optimising them are key to delivering a fast user experience.

Baking in Performance

The earlier performance is tackled within the development lifecycle the easier and more cost effective it is too deliver a fast site.
In this section we'll look at how we can set targets for appropriate performance, monitor it throughout the lifecycle, and techniques for automating some of the common optimisations.

Where Next

The web doesn't stand still, new technologies and browser features are continuously emerging, and some of them offer us new opportunities to speed up websites.
We'll explore some of these and explain the opportunities they offer and how you can go about incorporating them into your projects.

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at designers and developers who want to learn how to speed up their pages, what techniques to use and why they make a difference.

To get the most out of this workshop attendees should also have an understanding HTML, CSS & JS.

What do I need to bring?

It won't be just theory so bring a laptop as you'll be analysing sites and suggesting how performance could be improved.

We'll also be looking at mobile performance so if you have an iPhone or Android phone remember to bring a data cable for it too.

Andy Davies

Andy Davies

Associate Director for Web Performance at NCC Group
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About Andy Davies

Andy is Associate Director for Web Performance at NCC Group, where he helps clients to understand and improve the performance of their web sites.

He regularly speaks about performance at industry conferences. He is co-author of 'Using WebPageTest' published by O'Reilly and author of 'The Pocket Guide to Web Performance'.

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